Specialist in the intelligent treatment of flows of communication, NG Media provides a powerful software platform allowing the editors to quickly integrate the management of the audio stream, video and Web, within their application.Bringing a single expert testimony on this market, NG Media is today the privileged partner of the principal editors and developers of solutions of unified communications, centers of contacts, vocal and video waiters interactive, setting in conference or of video streaming.

Being pressed on the technological standards of the market, NG Media offers solutions all-in-a respecting waitings of his customers: robustness, facility of integration, interworking, high availability, evolutionarity, accessibility and effectiveness of the support, simplicity of maintenance and speed of marketing. Conscious of the economic issues of his customers, NG Media thus gives them means of dissociating himself by innovating features, and of increasing their margins.

Integrated in the applications of its partners and used within heterogeneous environments, the solutions of NG Media are voted by plebiscite by the operators télécoms as by the large companies and SME.


Report of the testimony of Jean Pares, Director Produced & Support, Conecteo

Conecteo is the editor of the management solution of the Interactions Customers, Kiamo. This solution is addressed to the companies for which the intelligent piloting of the entering and outgoing interactions constitutes a strategic issue. Among the customers of Conecteo, one finds a large number of insurances of foreground, banks, companies of the sector of the distribution (in particular E-commerce) or industry.

« These companies have centers of contacts in which work of tens, even of the hundreds of agents. The good performance and the reliability of the application which controls the distribution of the calls to the agents are important criteria when our customers decide to choose Kiamo » explain Jean Pares, Produced Director and Support at Conecteo.

In 2009, the Kiamo solution was pressed on various technological bricks provided by partners for the features of telephony; for example, diffusion of files sounds, the setting in conference, the recording or the detection of responder.

“At that time, we decided to seek a single solution, highly available, which would enable us to homogenize our park customer. The solution of NG Media (ex ComISDN), NG Media Server, who is a software brick being integrated in the architecture of the applications of communication ,met these aims perfectly. We wished to concentrate on our core business which consists in organizing in an intelligent way the distribution of the phone calls, of the e-mails, etc with the agents, and to spend thus less time on the technical part related to the telephone infrastructure of the customer “.

Conecteo then decides to test then to integrate the solution of NG Media into the architecture of Kiamo. “The integration carried out between Kiamo and NG Media Server is fine and exclusive. NG Media took into account what existed already in Kiamo and managed compatibility between the two applications. This capacity to be adapted to the environment of development of Kiamo completely convinced us of the relevance of this partnership. “

In the course of time, NG Media Server is proposed in a systematic way to all the customers of Conecteo, in partnership with Kiamo, and its reliability is never reconsideration. “NG Media and Conecteo have the same requirement for final quality, as well as the same flexibility to answer at the request of client. We developed a very narrow partnership of which each one of our two companies profits. If Conecteo regularly informs of the increase customers in NG Media, contrary, the suggestions that they bring to us are always relevant. “

Today, the assessment which J Pares avoid is completely positive: “Since its installation, this partnership is based on reliability, the flexibility and the reactivity. To that is added a very pleasant human report still reinforced by the geographical proximity. Our shared forces enable us to advance together towards the improvement of our products while continuing to satisfy our customers “, he concludes.


In order to satisfy his customers and to guarantee the reliability of his solutions, NG Media endeavours to develop technological partnerships with major software publishers on their respective markets and to obtain certifications necessary near the principal manufacturers of equipment Télécoms networks

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Editor specialist in the intelligent treatment of flows of communication, NG Media is a company in full growth, which attempts to maintain its advance technological on a very competing market.

Particularly attentive with quality of life with work, NGMedia is a company with human size which searches motivated and qualified collaborators, ready to invest itself in the development of the company.

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