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Exploiting the WebRTC technology , NG Media Server offers new features for real-time communication application vendors .

Bordeaux, September 1, 2013 – NG Media ( ex ComISDN ) , one of the main players in the intelligent processing flow communication market, reveals the Networks & Telecoms Media Server NG lounge, a unique technology solution that allows publishers to integrate quickly manage audio, video and web in their application.

WebRTC heralds a revolution in the way we now use the Internet. Without plug-in directly integrated browser for universal and immediate access WebRTC provides access to web pages providing services Audio and Video interactive in real time. Today, Voice Search on Google Chrome shows this technology.

With its expertise and know -how in unified communications , NG NG Digital Media Server has developed a unique solution that extends the capabilities of WebRTC by providing server applications , features, mixing, recording and broadcasting of Audio and Video ( Unified Messaging , recording of communications , voice and video servers … ) flows, it also allows the seamless integration with existing SIP solutions ( Contact Center … ).

With the development of WebRTC and its adoption by publishers, each user can interact directly tomorrow using voice or video from the web pages of a website.

NG Media Server indeed offers a full range of features that enable publishers to develop innovative services with high added value . Examples include call control and session setting conference , mixing, transcoding, content distribution in real time audio and video recording , voice or face recognition …

By integrating NG Media Server applications, publishers and access to real-time communication technologies previously unpublished and may propose interaction Audio / Video directly from their web page. *

NG Media Server solution is particularly relevant for specialists publishers customer relationship , or call centers that can energize and enhance the customer experience by offering users to make eye contact and / or voice with their advisor bank , their insurer or the service of a store, or leave a message Audio / Video directly from the website.

This solution opens up the field of application in different industries : publishers video surveillance solutions online for example, could use voice and face recognition to develop new processes to allow access to a site or an application , taking advantage of these new features , the specialists of e -learning would be able to propose a new foreign language learning by allowing learners to improve their accent …

Developed on the NG Media Server platform , these services can be brought online quickly and easily.NG Media will benefit from living Networks & Telecom to provide its expertise and NG Media Server platform to visitors.

About NG Media Server

NG Media Server is a powerful software platform for intelligent processing flow of communication, it provides all types of applications , means of access to innovative communications services and broadcasting audio and video streams in real time . Ng Media Server supports all types of communications ( the VoIP WebRTC ) and distributes content to any type of equipment (PC , smartphone , tablet , etc.).

NG Media Server offers publishers and integrators a comprehensive range of features, from the most elementary to the most innovative , such as the control of calls and sessions, the conference switching , mixing , transcoding , broadcast, recording the recognition and synthesis of information in flux . NG Media Server is a robust solution , facilitating the support and maintenance , immediately interoperable and scalable.

Integrated into a variety of applications , NG Media Server handles millions communication each year in public and private schools of all sizes , such as banking, insurance , government , hospitals, call centers or Telecom operators.

About NG Media ( ex ComISDN )

Specialist intelligent processing of communication flows , NG Media provides a powerful software platform for publishers to quickly integrate the management of audio, video and web , in their application. Bringing a unique expertise in this market , NG Media is now the preferred partner for leading publishers and developers of unified communications, contact centers , voice and interactive video servers , development conference or video streaming.

Based on the technological market standards , NG Media provides solutions all in a meeting the expectations of its customers : robustness , ease of integration , interoperability , high availability, scalability, accessibility and effectiveness of support, simplicity of maintenance and speed to market . Aware of the economic challenges facing its customers , NG Media and empowers them to stand with innovative features, and increase their margins.

Integrated in the application of its partners and used in heterogeneous environments, solutions NG Media are acclaimed by telecom operators as well as by large companies and SMEs.

More information : www.n-g-media.com

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