CTModule AG is a producer, consulting and engineering partner with their own product range, extensive know-how and broad experience in the Internet, Telecommunications and Information Technologies domain.

CTModule offers two different product lines:

  • CALLISTO, which is a value added middleware platform, dedicated to Enterprises communications. Specifically designed for Cisco Unified Communications, it offers a wide range of Unified Communications Services (such as voicemail service, Unified Messaging, dictionary service, fax service and many more).
  • The concept of the other product line, VAS (Value Applications Server) is the same, but it is a carrier grade platform: this value added application server platform is connected to various call switches commonly used by service providers.

For both of these product lines, CTModule AG offers a special module called “Open Applications Manager”, which allows partners to customizing applications on those standard platforms based on CTModule’s own development environment CTMaker.

“When we first met NG Media (Ex ComISDN)” explains Mr. Juerg F. Fund-Jakob, CEO of CTModule AG, “we were looking for a global solution in order to connect our TAPI interface to CAPI, be able to support a wider range of ISDN boards, and use a TAPI service for connecting our products to the SIP world. NG Media’s solution was quite price-sensitive but it’s not the only reason why we chose it. We tested several solutions during three months and we found NG Media’s product more flexible to adapt. It was the only one that we could easily integrate in our licensing procedure. In addition, we felt very quickly that Frederic Clement (NG Media’s General Manager) was really committed to create a long term partnership with us.”

NG Media brings two main features to CTModule’s solution: connectivity to SIP based system and ISDN boards, and value added services from fax to video. “In addition to these features, NG Media also offers a very flexible access to their technical support and expertise” adds Mr. Fund-Jakob. “For example, if we get an urgent request from our customer for a software fax solution, it is important that we deliver a solution on time. NG Media answers our requests with a high level of reactivity and professional service. It’s an important point which is not visible when you choose a solution but it’s a really critical point in your day to day relationship with a partner.”

With its different product lines, CTModule AG is addressing customers in a great number of industries. P&T Luxembourg for example is using Callisto as a Managed Services for SMBs. They also created a Call Center application based on it, for their own needs. Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa Systems are other examples of companies offering an enterprise communications services based on Callisto. A lot of other Cisco partners in Europe (like NextiraOne) are also CTModule Callisto partners. And their customers can be found in all vertical markets like European Stability Mechanism (ESM), a European banking company, SBB/CFF/FFS (the main railway company in Switzerland), AIDA, a specialist in the entertainment cruise industry, The Liebherr Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction machinery…

“We are very happy and very committed to work with NG Media” concludes Mr. Fund-Jakob. “We already had a very good contact with F. Clement and his team; they find appropriated solutions to all the questions that occur. I would say that the success of our partnership is half based on technical aspects (skills, features) and half on human related things. These elements enable our two companies to build this long term partnership.”